Switched Hugo

I switched to Hugo as static site generator for my blog on last Sunday. I was using Stagen, a static site generator wrote myself in Node.js, from March of 2016. Why I Abandoned Stagen? One reason is, I wanted to add further features to it, like sitemap generation, taxonomy, etc. However I am not getting enough free time to spare. Also, it is written in Node.js. I found it doesn’t feel comfortable writing JavaScript for this purpose, it looks like event driven nature of JS is not suitable for regular application development.

Switched to Jekyll

I switched to Jekyll from Wordpress for this blog and my website. Why? I was mainly seeking simplicity in blogging. When using Wordress, I have to manage its running, updates, etc, and most of them were not necessary as my sites were not using much features of Wordpress other than publishing of posts. Jekyll has several advantages. Below are some of them that are attractive for using it. Advantages No Programming Language It does not require any specific programming language support to write and publish posts.